God Save The Queen From Aberash
Sire: Mendelssohn Secret Wedding Z Kariny Zeusa
Dam: Chilli Covered Marshmallows Z Krainy Zeusa
Whelped: 11/11/2014
Eye cert & hips info: Prelimb Hips Exellent Elbows Normal

Arabella accidently came to us in February of 2015. A close friend and breeder imported her from Aberash Kennels in Sophia, Bulgaria ( the same kennel that my Cara is from ). Apone her arrival, after a long, hard trip she came with a smile and a wag and I was in love! My friend was unable to keep her at that time so I jumped at the chance to purchase her. Ari filled a whole in my heart that I didn't know I had. She has been a blessing to the pack and myself and brings a sweet energy into our home. 

Ari is now 25 months old and has passed her OFA prelims and DM test with great success. She will hopefully enter our breeding program in Spring of 2017. 

      4 months

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SIRE  : Mendelssohn Secret Wedding Z Kariny  Zeusa             

         HD: B, ED: 0



 Opus to Margarita Nigra is Bolshogo Doma

HD: A, ED: 0

 Bernerdalens Brandy

HD: A, ED: 0

Divaya Julia is Bolshogo Doma

HD: A, ED: O

Grezechu Warta Duch Wrzosowisk

HD: A, ED 0

Favorit van de Klaverhoeve

HD: A, ED: 0

Sennetta's Nightingale Singing

HD: A, ED: 0

DAM : Chilli Covered Marshmallows Z Kariny Zeusa

 HD: B, ED: 0

Keep in Touch della Torre d'Ovarda

HD: A, ED:

Tannhautes des Hautes Vernades

HD: A, ED: 0

 Bluesuedeshoes della Torre d'Ovarda


Dinja Eleuteri


 Ola Odelsgutt av Hiselfoss


Confetti Duch Wrzosowisk

HD: A, ED: 0



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